Building Up The Scene

If you listen very, very closely you will hear the beating heart of Cape Town’s music scene. The signs of life are there, they’re just very faint. Here are four dead simple ideas to build up the local scene into a thriving industry.

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Aye Aye Digital Piracy


Tools Of The Trade: A cellphone is all that is needed to commit digital music piracy

In the developed world, the sun is setting on internet freedom. The die-hard pirates of the P2P file-sharing community have been domesticated by Spotify and Netflix. YouTube and SoundCloud now vaporise any unauthorised uploads before they ever see the light of day. It appears that the “digital navy” has finally vanquished piracy once and for all. Even the infamous Pirate Bay founders have stepped down and taken the royal pardon.

Cross over to the southern hemisphere and the sun is only just rising on the Golden Age of music piracy. Mobile websites emerge daily offering illegal downloads of both local and international music. BlueTooth and Infrared allow  South Africans to then distribute their downloaded plunder. They swop and trade their latest downloads like social currency. Continue reading